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Positive Solitude

Being happy alone is a life skill that is all too often overlooked in our rush to relationships. It is a skill called "positive solitude." And it can be learned...

Whether you are younger or older, this book can help you to find the peace and serenity you need to face the challenges of living alone. It has helped thousands of readers to understand and appreciate solitude, and to escape loneliness.

Readers write:

"I have read many fine books on solitude, meditation and living alone. Your POSITIVE SOLITUDE is by far the best and most thorough work I have read...I am enchanted with your book."

"Your book is an inspiration and has prompted me to write the first letter I have ever written to an author."

"I have used POSITIVE SOLITUDE intensively as a workbook...I am able to raise myself from the floor of useless brooding to a lively, upright, productive position."

"Your book has truly changed my life...since you so beautifully put into words what I've felt deep, down inside, I feel vindicated, fortified and yes, even smug."

Reviewer Rae Francoeur notes: "POSITIVE SOLITUDE will be viewed as a self-help book because of its secondary title, but it is much more. In the four years she took to write the book, Andre researched all sorts of literature, scholarly and literary. Thus the reading is educational and inspirational, the many enlightening references conveniently footnoted at the end of each chapter...Andre will surround you with good company: Thoreau, May Sarton, Paul C. Horton, Alice Koller, William James, Herman Hesse, Akira Kurosawa, Clark Moustakas, Victor Frankl. You have learned to be lonely, write Andre, now it's time to learn to be alone."

POSITIVE SOLITUDE has been featured in articles in GLAMOUR, PREVENTION and NEW WOMAN magazines, and in THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, THE DALLAS TIMES HERALD, THE WASHINGTON POST, and NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE. Dr. Andre has appeared on THE JENNY JONES SHOW and in "Single Life," a one-hour television documentary produced for CHANNEL 4 in London by the Hed Company, Tim Cooper and Rupert Edwards, Producers, London, England.

Most recently the book was featured in an article entitled "Alone, but not lonely: Society treats singleness as a thing to be shunned, but people can be comfortable in their own company," by Rhonda Owen, in THE ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE (May 25, 2004). You can read the article, which includes interesting updates on solitude in modern society, at: