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Makes the policy case for environmentally sustainable aviation. Sierra Club Books, 2004; Authors Guild Edition, 2009.

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We management professors have the responsibility to learn and teach about the big picture of energy and climate change for the US and the world...to help ourselves and our students to understand both the scientific and the organizational environment for energy and policy, and to develop a new generation of leaders who are sustainability-literate. I am teaching global sustainability, with a focus on climate change and energy, in Northeastern's graduate, undergraduate, and online management programs.


Alternative organizations like quangos and hybrids are more important in the US than ever before...from Fannie Mae to the Massachusetts Port Authority to the latest social enterprise form, the benefit corporation...How does the public hold organizations in the gray sector accountable? How do these organizations impact our democratic system of government?

See this interview:

Collette, Matt. 3Qs: Benefit corporations raise new questions on business, civics. News at Northeastern. December 14, 2012.

My recent publications in this area are:

(2016, in press.) Examining the Ethics of Organizational Legal Forms. In P. Miesing & M. Aggestam (eds.), Educating Social Entrepreneurs: A Workbook of Cases, Exercises, and Commentaries, Business Expert Press as part of the United Nations PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Book Collection.

(2016) Who Should Define the 'Social' in 'Social Enterprise'— Elected Governments or Partnered Corporations? Management Teaching Review.

(2015) Benefit Corporations at a Crossroads: As Lawyers Weigh In, Companies Weigh Their Options. Business Horizons. 58(3), May-June, 243-252.

(2014) Fifty Shades of Accountability: Governmental-Non-Governmental Hybrids. Non-Profit Quarterly. 2(1), Spring, 36-45.

(2012) Assessing the Accountability of the Benefit
Corporation: Will This New Gray Sector Organization Enhance
Corporate Social Responsibility? The Journal of Business

(2011). Organizational Responsiveness to the Sustainability
Paradigm: A Comparison of Government Departments, Government
Sponsored Enterprises, and Private Firms. International Journal
of Business Insights and Transformation, 3(3), 8-15.

(2010). Assessing the accountability of government-
sponsored enterprises and quangos. The Journal of Business Ethics,
92(2), 271-289.

(2004). Take Back the Sky: Protecting Communities in the Path of
Aviation Expansion. (San Francisco: Sierra Club Books)


I am honored to have served as president of the OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators, which encourages wonderfully active engagement from management educators in all career stages and across all disciplines, from 2010-2013. Learn about the society and its programs for doctoral students, new educators, and seasoned veterans at obts.org.

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Life as an Academic
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Comic adventure in the Hobby. Comic relief for the author.
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"An extremely important book." --Elaine Tyler May, MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE. "Good ideas...raises the right questions." Susan Jacoby, THE NEW REPUBLIC.