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Lead for the Planet

Lead for the Planet: Five Practices for Confronting Climate Change (The University of Toronto Press, 2020) guides concerned citizens and business leaders as they take on the twin challenges of climate change and energy evolution. What can you do now? How can you draw on psychology and other social sciences to make the best possible decisions? This short book is  practical and rigorously researched, useful for both general readers and university audiences.


Lead for the Planet starts conversations and asks crucial questions, such as: Who exactly is going to get this thing done? Taking human nature into account, what is the best way forward? In the end, will Team Humanity save the planet?


I have been teaching sustainability and leadership in undergraduate and graduate business schools, and across university curricula, for a decade.  As an organizational psychologist, I am interested in understanding the psychology of climate leadership and promoting scientific and systems thinking. I am now focusing on helping educators develop courses and modules on climate leadership.