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Recent Articles

(2017) Examining the Ethics of Organizational Legal Forms: Lessons from the Social Enterprise Movement. In P. Miesing & M. Aggestam (Eds.), Educating Social Entrepreneurs: A Workbook of Cases, Exercises, and Commentaries, Vol. II: From Business Plan Formulation to Implementation, 17-24. Principles for Responsible Management Education Collection, Oliver Laasch, Editor. Business Expert Press.


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(2016) Who Should Define the 'Social' in 'Social Enterprise'— Elected Governments or Partnered Corporations? Management Teaching Review. First published on June 5, 2016 as doi:10.1177/2379298116653227

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(2015) Benefit Corporations at a Crossroads: As Lawyers Weigh In, Companies Weigh Their Options. Business Horizons. 58(3), May-June, 243-252. Reprinted (2015) as Case Study BH667-PDF-ENG, Harvard Business Review series on Leadership and Managing People.

(2014) Fifty Shades of Accountability: Governmental-Non-Governmental Hybrids. Non-Profit Quarterly. 2(1), Spring, 36-45.

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(2012) Assessing the accountability of the benefit corporation: Will this new gray sector organization enhance corporate social responsibility?, The Journal of Business Ethics.

(2011) Using leadered groups in organizational behavior and management survey courses. Journal of Management Education 35(5), 596-619. Recipient of the Fritz Roethlisberger Award for Best Paper in JME, 2011.

(2011) Organizational responsiveness to the sustainability paradigm: A comparison of government departments, government sponsored enterprises, and private firms. International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation, 3(3), 8-15.

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(2005) A community perspective on change. In M. Kenney, G. Gosling, M. Vigilante, and D. Reid, (eds.) Airport Air Quality Book, Institute of Transportation Studies, Technology Transfer Project, (Berkeley: University of California).