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Climate Leadership Now

1. Welcome to Team Humanity


We, the members of Team Humanity, must figure out…and very soon…how to face up to the climate crisis.  Yes, it is important that we understand the reality of climate change, but it is even more important that we understand how human beings make decisions about the problem.


This blog explores Team Humanity's strengths and weaknesses as decision-makers, leaders, and followers. My name is Rae André. As an organizational psychologist, I apply social science and informed reasoning to help people solve complex problems like destructive climate change. These days I am asking questions like How should Team Humanity organize to save the planet?  What does psychology suggest about which goals we can aspire to?  How will we manage the conflict between powerful stakeholders? Who will lead the change we need now? What challenges will members of the Team face personally and professionally?


Lots of people are focusing on the kind of big picture change the world needs now. In the Climate Leadership Now blog we explore their initiatives and how individuals can contribute.  Yes, please do all you can to reduce your personal carbon footprint, but also dedicate yourself to working for the broader kinds of change we so urgently need. To solve the climate crisis, we, the members of Team Humanity, must act quickly to foster widespread change in communities, industries, and governments. 


We need leaders from all walks of life and we need dedicated followers to support them. We need people like you who want to see action now. Welcome!

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