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Climate Leadership Now

4. Teaching Climate Leadership

The topic of climate leadership works well as a stand-alone course or as a module in an existing sustainability course. My new article discusses crafting the teaching philosophy, developing syllabi, and selecting readings and videos. Don't hesitate to contact me directly to discuss the possibilities!


Andre, R. "Teaching Climate Leadership: Promoting Integrative Learning in Courses on Strong Sustainability" in the Journal of Management Education (Online now).




In this article, I describe how the theory of integrative learning frames student learning in a course on climate leadership. The course is grounded in the theory of strong sustainability, which is sustainability for the planet rather than or individual companies alone. In a description of Beta, an MBA course on climate leadership, I show how these theories interact to enhance the student experience. Implications for the theories of integrative learning and strong sustainability as emerging pedagogies are discussed. This course can be adapted for undergraduate and executive audiences. Course content emphasizes what leaders need to know to make effective decisions in their organizations and communities, with an emphasis on applying a range of social sciences, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, and economics. A description of the pedagogical content is embedded in the article, and includes learning objectives, assignments, the main topics, a short book aligned with these topics, other readings, and an array of media. Additional pedagogical materials, including experiential exercises, are available directly from the author.


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